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who are we ? 

We’re pioneers in screen content - a small team of film-making & digital creatives powered by unique technologies and know-how. Dream Machine are a cross platform production company who develop and produce content for brands, digital agencies, broadcasters and anyone who needs a helping hand communicating in the mixed up world of media.   

how can we help?

Our multi-award winning team can deliver complete projects from dream to screen or we can partner with others to help create innovative ground breaking ventures. 

branded content marketing

interactive video production

digital content strategy

heritage and tourism experiences


dreams and machines  

Dreams are what gets us out of bed in the morning. And we use our ideas to create new ways to engage and entertain. We also develop the machines and solutions that help bring dreams to life. So we’re part creative, part technologists, and wholly committed.

Built around an award winning team and powered by innovative technologies we create mobile and social brand experiences, partnering with and supplying brand owners and agencies.

We produce branded content that can be shared via online communities, and consumed using mobile devices and tablets. We like nothing better than putting ‘media’ into social media, and getting your brand or organisation talked about for all the right reasons. 

Contact us for more information on any of our products and services.

 +44 20 8144 6260